Lakeside Landing

July 8, 2023

Fall Faire

Sept 16, 2023

Winter Faire

Dec 2, 2023


"I really loved meeting the other vendors! I traded a pair of earrings for a hair clip from frootyshop, and traded another pair of earrings for a tattoo from flashedbystace. It was a beautiful day of sharing art with radical queer artists <3"

"Community and talking to other artist were really amazing. The volunteers and organizers were all super helpful, kind, and accomodating"

"It was nice reconnecting with people from my high school. I did not know that they also have art/craft hobbies too! I was also able to connect with a customer because they saw that I put "K-Pop Lover" on my IG bio. I asked them if they liked NewJeans (a newer kpop group, who has gained a lot of popularity), and they showed me their k-pop photocards from their bag! I love how we were able to connect on similar interests other than stationery too! Another cute story was when a customer came up to my shop, and they were already into sticker planning! The customer called me "Sticker Costco"."

"I absolutely loved the vibes! I think that everyone was amazing and talented, and there was great diversity in the types of art and vendors who were there. I was impressed by the amount of people who showed up, and I loved connecting with both vendors and just folks stopping by. I think the organizers did an incredible job, and were very responsive. The entire process was easy and simple. In particular I found the ability to hear from other artists about where else they vend and swap tips, etc was incredibly valuable as someone who's just starting out."

"A friend we made at a karaoke night in SJ showed up to the fair to support. She is new to town in SJ and I think she was really happy to find cool artists/friends. I'm going to hang out with her soon! yay new friends!"


We are a community hosting art fairs in San Francisco for marginalized and queer folks who have not had a space to share their creations before.

We are completely a volunteer-run organization running on donations.

If you want to support us, we will be offering collectible merch at our fairs, and we receive donations via Venmo!

Venmo: @queerartfair